Our Philosophy

We have a very simple purpose:
'To supply up-to-date B2B marketing data that enable our customers to identify and contact their desired target market.'

What sets our business model apart from other sources of data is that we are the OWNERS of the data we sell, and when we supply you a list, we grant you an unlimited usage licence and can utilise it for any purpose so long as its legal. (So long as you don't resell the list).

Traditionally, the only way to acquire up-to-date marketing lists has been to go to a broker, who goes to a niche list owner each putting on their hefty margin and binding you to terms like how many times you can use it, what you can market etc etc. We'd like to disrupt that outdated model.

How We Keep Costs Down
We keep our costs down, and therefore pass on the savings to you, by supplying marketing lists as PACKAGES.  So for example if you only want plumbers in NSW, we might supply you with our National Plumbers and Roofers database, and let you select what you want.

By giving you MORE than you're asking for, and MORE choice, we save having to do complex searches and filtering, and pass on the saving for you.