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Marketing lists


We have developed many lists covering key business sectors and organisations. In addition we are constantly developing new lists and updating existing ones on an on-going basis to provide the most comprehensive and accurate lists available.

The Schools and Education Establishments List

This is the most comprehensive education based list available in Australia. If you supply schools with any kind of product or service this is the marketing list for you.

The Australian Business List

This list is updated every six months. All phone numbers, emails and fax numbers are tested constantly to remove dead records that no longer work. We take a pride in keeping the list fresh and useful.

The B2B SME Business List

An amazing marketing tool targeted at small to medium size enterprises. Each industry list is built from association or government registration websites. Phone numbers, email addresses and much more

marketing services


Having helped many of our clients expand their client list and get busy, many of them want to focus on getting results in their business rather than spending time promoting it. Marketing is a necessary function for any business and should't be overlooked.

Need New Clients?

We can organise marketing campaigns to help promote your business to new prospects using Social Media Marketing, SEO, Fax Marketing.

Already got a list?

We can help create a marketing campaign targeting your existing lists by email, fax or social media. The campaigns can be tailored to existing clients, new clients or a combination.

But what do I say?

A key area clients often ask us for advice about is content. The best person to describe what you do for marketing purposes is you. However, a couple of sentences doesn't fill a website or blog and communicating the same thing week after week can be tedious. Not so when you have an experienced content creator and copy-editor as part of the team. Speak to us about what you need. We can usually help.


Colin Butler

Managing Director

Colin has over 30 years experience in the promotion and marketing business. His diverse career began in Logistics Management, Electrical Engineering and Human Rights Advocacy. When Colin found himself working in the software industry, marketing IT Products to the corporate world, it was this role that sparked his passion for creating quality lists and working with results driven marketing. It became the theme of his career over the last three decades.



Sales Manager

Casey has been looking after our clients forever. She makes sure you get exactly what you want. With a broad knowledge of marketing she can point you in the right direction and help to organise and plan your campaigns. She's a diva at getting your longer term marketing goals into action.

Our Origin


Our beginnings grew from successfully working within a major software industry marketing department, we then expanded into marketing campaigns for all types of businesses. 

A major factor in successful marketing campaigns has always been how good the list was and this has been sadly lacking at times. Increasing the quality of available mailing lists has been our passion for decades. Moving forward into list ownership and development has enabled us to drastically increase the quality of available mailing lists to enable a better ROI for our clients.