Marketing Strategy


Many roads can lead to the same place.  Some advertising channels can get us there faster and more cost-effectively than others. So how do you choose which channel to use?

Strategy will get you a lot further than skill alone, and the old adage that "any plan poorly thought through and badly executed is better than no plan at all" is certainly true with marketing strategies.

Quantity or Quality?

These are the two key factors in every marketing campaign.

A successful marketing campaign juggles both of these with cost and ROI. A poorly worded advert sent to millions of people will probably get 'some' kind of result. Whereas a well-worded advert that communicates quickly should get a better result when sent to fewer recipients.

However, the Quality aspect doesn't just relate to the message or offer that you want to communicate. You should also have a look at the quality of the lists that you'll be sending your communications out to. 

Is the communication appropriate for that particular audience? Do cat lovers want to buy dog food? Well, that's highly unlikely! So let's get the targeting right. Maybe you have a product that every business could buy, like a marketing list (Here's a super clever insertion of a link to buy-a-list!) Or, maybe you need a highly targeted list as you only sell to a certain industry sector. 

B2B Marketing

To get B2B marketing right there are three main points that one needs to consider:

  • Successfully match the product or service with your definable target market
  • Position and price to align the product or service with this defined market
  • Communicate in a way that demonstrates its value effectively to the defined target market

Fax Marketing as a B2B marketing channel

Fax marketing can be a perfect enhancement to a B2B marketing strategy because it is quick and inexpensive, you can tailor your marketing to new sectors without worrying about huge dents in your marketing budget and best of all the responses are almost always instant!  

You can improve ROI with fax marketing almost instantly as the cost per lead is probably one of the lowest you'll find save for word of mouth from happy clients of course!

Let's get you some more business!

Colin Butler
Managing Director
Prospect Creative Marketing

Colin Butler