How to Hook that Client!

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What kind of Client?

The first step in getting a client is knowing what kind of client would be ideal for your product or service. Ask yourself why they need your products? Are they actively looking for your products or would they need to be shown why they'd need it.

Let's say you have a small restaurant in town with fantastic food and the restaurant is open longer than normal hours because you think it's a great idea for someone to be able to have somewhere to go at any time of the day or evening, and why shouldn't that be in your restaurant, even if it's just for a coffee? Why should coffee be limited to the noisy coffee shops. Your place is warm and cozy, with comfy couches and friendly staff that are happy to serve you coffee only if that's all you want.

Well that's a fantastic idea but the only person who knows about it is you. In short, assume nothing. You can't assume people know, you have to tell them. Let's get a list of all the businesses in town. Send them a promotion that gives them a 'comfy place to sit for a client meeting' - Just want a coffee? No problem!  Let them know it's ok and that you welcome that kind of business. Have you ever walked in to a fancy restaurant, because it's after 5pm and no where else is open and asked awkwardly, is it ok if we just have a coffee? Tell them it's ok then watch them turn up.  

Your Marketing Funnel

But don't stop there, once they're in for 'coffee' well that's your real life marketing funnel. Give them a reason to come back. Get their email address so you can send offers of a discounted meal on their next visit. There's the passive up-sell. You hooked them on 'coffee and comfy couch' for their business meeting, then they bring their wife back at the weekend for a romantic 'discounted' dinner.

But of course that's just one type of limited market. You may promote coffee to the local businesses professionals like the finance advisors and property investment advisors that are always having client meetings. But you'd send a different type of communication to the larger local businesses that may have employees that would stop by for lunch each week. Then again with the residential houses on the outskirts of town another type of message, you'd want them to know about your special discounted Romantic Dinner and Champagne package deal at the weekends.

So one advert doesn't fit all types of client, you may have many different types of client which will require very different messages to get them through the door. That's where targeted lists and specialised promotional campaigns can help. If you'd like a few more ideas, give us a call and we can help you get started with a marketing strategy that works for you.

Colin Butler
Managing Director
Prospect Creative Marketing