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Frequently Asked Questions

Here's a few frequently asked questions for you. Don't blame us we didn't ask them!

If you have a quick question you could spend a while browsing here or just give us a call, we don't mind.


Are your lists cleaned?

Our lists are cleaned regularly on an ongoing rolling basis. Our lists are checked against DO NOT CALL lists and records are updated accordingly to comply with legislation. Companies can unsubscribe globally to not receive any marketing material from us or choose not to receive marketing communications from certain types of companies.

Can you help with desiging my promotion

Absolutely! Our team has extensive experience in creating email and fax promotions that 'bite'. With an eye for detail, graphic design expertise and measurable success to back it up we can add that special something to your promotions.

Can you slice and dice my list for me?

Well if you really want us to then we will. However, with a little effort you could save a fortune as we specialise in providing comprehensive bulk lists so if you're going to use a list more than once for different purposes, get the largest list you can and cut it up later, this will work out to be the cheaper option.

Can I use a list more than once?

Of Course! Once you purchase your list, you own it. Our only stipulation is that you only use it for your own marketing campaigns and do not resell the list in any form.