Marketing Services for Australian Business

Marketing Services for AustraliaWe cover a range of marketing services which can be tailored for all sizes of business whether you are a sole trader, small to medium business or a representative from a multinational conglomerate.  Not all types of marketing are appropriate to all businesses though, which is why our skilled team will only guide you to choosing the right marketing for your business type and your target market based on discussions with you!  If you have a marketing strategy but haven't really implemented it, or just don't have the time to make one we can help - its not as difficult or as time consuming as you might think, well if you have experience in making marketing strategies that is!  

A good marketing strategy should contain multiple channels for you to communicate to your prospects and customers and we can tailor a strategy for you which is designed to get results for your business so it can expand and achieve the goals and targets you want.  For example, the humble fax is still a medium in great popularity in many countries and non more so that in Australia.  Fax marketing is a great way to get your message out quickly and get results fast, it also provides a cost effective way of gaining new clients.

The legislation regarding email transmission in Australia is fairly restrictive compared to other countries, but certainly not impossible!  We have found that email marketing is best used from a cost perspective as a customer retention tool rather than a customer acquisition tool because you have already spent the big bucks getting them in the first place, so all you need to do now is keep interesting the customer in order to retain their business.

The world of social media has been around for a long time and unless you've been hiding under a rock you must have heard of the likes of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the myriad of other social sites.  In recent years more and more Australian businesses are realizing the potential markets that are available through the implementation of a social media campaign, and rightly so the usage statistics of Facebook in Australia alone are just staggering.  If you need to keep a presence in an ever changing market social media is the right choice!

We provide a range of Australian databases and marketing lists which can be used for a variety of purposes such as telemarketing, direct mail and general marketing.  The marketing databases we offer are competitively priced, accurate and regularly updated.

In modern times your website is often the first point of contact that a potential customer has with you, and even if its not then your prospects and customers will still view your website.  It is a rare instance that a company does not have a website, but is it the right one for your business?  How much revenue does your website give you, and is it mobile friendly?  If you want an upgrade to your existing website or get a fresh, sparkly new one aligned with your marketing strategy then we can help whichever the case.

Do you know what your business goals are, where you are going and how best to get there?  If you aren't sure or just need a bit of inspiration our free business analysis should be able to help get you focused on the right things for you.

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