What is Fax Marketing?

Used correctly it fax can achieve some remarkable results, at a very modest cost too. But if this is your first foray into using Fax as an advertising medium, there are a few things to be aware of in order to get the most out of it.

First of all, what is Fax Broadcast?
We all know that a single fax is a low res electronic image sent down a phone line that is reproduced as a document at the other end.
Marketing ROI Well OK, Fax Broadcast is the advertising or marketing medium that is used to generate faxes in volume, using high capacity servers connected directly into the telephone exchange. Utilizing the technical infrastructure of our dedicated Fax Broadcast Platform we have the capacity and robust facilities to deliver your message reliably and on schedule at the press of a button.

We have hundreds of businesses from all over Australia, in all walks of business, successfully using this service to advertise their products or services. Be it advertising for direct sales, or to generate website traffic or to invite request for their “info pack” etc the options and variations are numerous.

Faxing has been around since before Google wore long pants! As an advertising medium, it is just as successful today if it is done right. But remember, like Australia Post, we can only deliver the message. You have to have a product or service and an offer the recipient can’t refuse. We’re happy to give you practical advice on how to give your fax promotion the best possible chance of success.

Here are a few points to be aware of

  1. Faxing, like direct mail or a letterbox drop, is a fleeting chance to evoke a response. Use the tips and guidelines we’ve sent you in order to design a fax that gets a response.
  2. Fax Broadcast is a volume proposition, normally done in tens of thousands and often in batches of hundreds of thousands. Although it is about big numbers, it is preferable to start small with a 10-20k run until you get your offer right, then scale it up.
  3. Be sure to have your procedures in place to deal with the sales enquiries and make the most of every single phone call or website hit.
  4. Ensure that anyone in your business taking inbound calls, knows what to expect, and how to handle requests for removal from the fax list.
  5. There are regulations and legal requirements that you and we have to comply with. We make this as simple as possible for you in the way our systems and delivery platform are configured. See the page Fax and the law which covers this but the requirements include ensuring your promotional fax contains, your company name, a postal address OR email address, a phone number and your ABN or ACN. There is also a requirement for a means for recipients to request removal from your list which is catered for by our inclusion of the NoFax code at the bottom of every fax we send out.
  6. Faxing should be repeated; Lets say you got a 1% response rate to a fax broadcast (or any other form of direct marketing for that matter) you’d be doing OK. But that means that 99% of recipients ignored your message. If you sent the same thing to the same list a few days later, a different 99% would ignore it and a different 1% would read it. The small number of recipients that even notice they’ve received the same fix two weeks in a row will be negligible. And this small number of recipients will do one of two things, read it a second time and maybe respond, or grit his teeth in annoyance and ask to be removed from your list. The percentage that does the latter will be so small as to be way over shadowed by the number who actually respond favorably. Conclusion: don’t be afraid to repeat a promotion to the same list.

A fax machine is often the thing which sits in the corner, neglected and seldom used. However, fax marketing in Australia is a booming business - as a means to get your marketing message in front of a large number of people quickly and cheaply, it holds its own against other forms of direct marketing. Whether you want to target prospects in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth or Alice Springs fax marketing can get you new sales prospects quicker than you imagine

We can structure a campaign to be as targeted or as broad as is needed to get the results for your business, and our expert, experienced designers who know what works on a fax design we can make sure your message gets through.

Any marketing is expensive if it doesn't work, but faxing represents excellent value for money and ROI because it does work!

We focus all of our attention on getting results as we see little point in sending out your message if we think in our experience that it isn't going to get your phone ringing.  

Surprisingly there is a lot to the simple medium of fax, so FaxMonkey.com.au can probably do it justice that it deserves!


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