Hitting the bulls-eye

Email MarketingBillions of emails travel around the planet on a daily basis, some are personal and others are aimed at businesses.  Here in Australia the laws regarding communication by email are somewhat restrictive but by no means prohibitive.  If you want to dabble with email marketing you are better off spending your marketing budget on something like fax marketing or social media because emailing in Australia can be expensive depending on who you are targeting.

In experience we have found that email marketing in Australia is most cost effective when used as a customer retention tool rather than a customer acquisition tool.  Why?  Well it takes a lot of effort to get customers in the first place and this usually involves spending marketing dollars to get them. Thus, if you already have a relationship with the person and then contact them again using email you are much more likely to get the repeat business from them. Customers like to be treated as individuals and email marketing allows you to personalize content relating to their purchase history so that you are offering the right products or services to the right people.

Although email marketing works well to retain customers it can also be used very effectively to get them too.  As we said before email marketing isn't for dabblers, you've got to be in it for a well planned campaign to a correctly target list rather than just a hit and miss single send. One of the great benefits of advertising by email is that you can really hone in and reach the exact target market you want, whether that is something as specific as 55 year old women who play golf or something as broad as young professionals in Melbourne.

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