Goldfish in B2B Marketing

A grumpy old marketing guy busts some myths!

The subject of Marketing has its share of myths, plus a few “facts” that could be described as “debatable”. to say the least.  But the worst myths that get passed around are those trite little sayings that “everybody knows” yet don’t stand up well under the bright light of experience. Still they sit at the back of the small business owner’s head waiting to trip him/her up.

Now I’ve heard some BS in my time and I like to think I’ve got a bit of a nose for it!

Examples; “All women are the same”, “New businesses don’t make profit in the first year”, “All accountants are dull”, “Good marketing is a luxury” yadda yadda yadda..

Try these for size:


austinpowersWhat's the magic question to ask customers

A clunky question like "Yeah Baby, How was it for you!" isn’t all that smart when asking for customer feedback.Worse still, only asking the question a month later, when they've already gone to the competition, in an attempt to win them back. That's even cornier.!

A customer, or anyone else you want to have a relationship with for that matter, is more likely to respond to that line of questioning with "Really? You had to ask?"

When it comes to generating repeat business, the bar has been raised to the point where if your coffee shop doesn’t have to-die-for coffee, above-and-beyond service from engaged employees, customer loyalty incentives, comfy chairs and free wifi, you’ll probably try the cafe two doors down, or the one two doors down from that. It’s a tough world out there.

Opening and maintaining a channel on which conversation can flow is pivotal in any relationship. If we’re ever going to get a customer to actually engage with the brand, better still become intrinsically entrenched in the brand, then we’ll need to get a little more sophisticated than Austin Powers.

So what are the magic words to say to a customer?


Buying marketing and telemarketing lists

Buying DataYou've decided to increase your prospect database and you’re about to take the plunge into buying some new data. For longer than we've been in the business of providing marketing data (alongside fax and email broadcasting), we have been in the business of acquiring data so we thought we’d share a few tips! 

Like any shopping process, be it for a new car, a pair of shoes, or a new marketing list, it should start before you get to the “shop”. What do I really want? Why do I want it? OK lets go find one. Then you find out that “One of those” costs 10 times your budget and you have to re evaluate your needs from your wants. But you still need to think in terms of an “ideal” as a starting point, even if it’s unattainable.

What’s the ideal car? Well a


What goes on inside the head of Prospect Marketing?Marketing Mindset

To give the best value to our clients, its a matter of hard work, genuine care, and doing what works rather than what looks fancy. As well as combining creativity and insight we like to bring a few special ingredients of our own.

The first ingredient to a how we operate is the confidence that a marketing action or campaign will work. If we're not an confident that an idea will work, we won't ask you to bet your dollar on it.  Not only is our reputation on the line but more importantly it would be a waste of client budget!


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