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"Excellent Return on Investment

I contacted Prospect Marketing having received a promotional fax form then and decided to have my first foray into Fax Advertising.  

I do telemarketing on behalf of Solar Companie...


Busines Owner's Benchmark

BOB_guyYour business has unique strengths and weaknesses that an outsider just wouldn't get.


Let the BOB give you an intelligent and objective view of your own company from a whole new and exterior point of view.  


Do the Business Owners Benchmark Survey online now, and take a fresh look at your business.


Oh, and BOB is FREE!    Find out more...

Getting Customers

Prospect Marketing is in the business of customer acquisition. We can either supply you with the hooks and bait to catch the customers you are looking for, or we can simply supply you with the leads and let you throw back the ones you don't fancy.

In marketing you must choose between boredom, shouting and seduction. Which do you want?    ~ Roy H. Williams   Author

As well as strategic planning and campaign management, our services include many of the nuts-and-bolts marketing components that go to make up a one stop shop for business growth.

As well as online services, we are also very strong in more traditional forms of customer acquisition & retention, including Direct Mail, Fax Broadcasting and Email Marketing,

We are a list owner as well as a list broker which gives us better access to the target markets you need to attract.

We can undertake data capture and data manipulation projects as well as various marketing programs to find, keep and manage all your existing and future clients and prospects.

Our team can assist you in developing joined up Advertising and Marketing strategies that will make your objectives a whole lot easier to achieve.

Either read more about our various services or you can Contact us on 1800 808 232 and ask us to explain just the stuff that's relevant to YOUR business.


Keeping Customers:

We're also in the business of customer retention. To retain a customer you need to listen to them. In order to have something to listen to, you're going to have to be asking the right questions, AND be interested in what they have to say, good or bad. 

The more you engage with customers the keep_the_customerclearer things become and the easier it is to determine what you should be doing.~ John Russell,  Harley Davidson

Opening and maintaining a channel on which conversation can flow is pivotal in any relationship.If you want to get a customer to engage with you and your business, you’ll need him/her to become an more apart of your organization.

Putting it bluntly, you’re going to have to get the customer on board as part of the machine. Using Direct Mail, Email Marketing, or social media wisely and strategically can help increase the lifespan and value of your hard won customers

At Prospect Marketing, we know the blood sweat and tears it can take to acquire a new customer. So to stop marketing to your existing customer base, and not invest in client retention is a serious crime against your business!

You'll be amazed at the value and potential you have in your existing customer list. Let us show you ways to tap in to that potential.

Either read more about our various services or you can Contact us on 1800 808 232 and ask us some tricky questions!

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